Koru Tribal Black

Koru Tribal Black
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Koru Tribal Black

Tus negru tatuaj, 30 ml, pentru tatuaje tribale, polynesiene, tatuaje maori

Alla Prima Koru Tribal Black Tattoo Ink

Inspired by Polynesian and South Pacific tribal art and tattoos,

Alla Prima’s Koru Tribal Black ink is a high pigment pre-dispersed ink that adds to the tradition.

It has a higher pigment count than other Alla Prima black inks, which makes it great for line work, dot work, and solid black filling on all skin tones.

Its thin consistency allows artists to work and clean up easily without blow outs.
As with all Alla Prima inks, Koru Tribal Black is a non-toxic ink that is free of acrylic, solvent, and PET plastics. It is manufactured in the USA.


    Size:  1oz.(30 ml)
    Higher pigment count than other Alla Prima black ink
    Thin consistency; easy clean-up with no blow outs
    Great for line, dot, and solid filling work on all skin tones
    Pre-dispersed for shake and use convenience
    Non-toxic – acrylic, solvent, and PET plastic free
    Made in USA

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