Intenze Formula 23- sample 33 ml

Intenze Formula 23 (30 ml mostra)
Sales price: 30,00 lei

Intenze, Formula 23 a fost conceput in special pentru caligrafii, de catre BJ Betts.

Va oferim o mostra de 33 ml, ca sa va convingeti ca este un tus tatuaj exceptional, de la Intenze

Formula 23 is an evolutionary ink, revolutionizing the process of tattoo lettering.  Formula 23 has gone through 23 interations in order to create a superior and defiant black tattoo ink which was designed specifically to enhance tattoo lettering.  It meets both the quality and preciseness envisioned by its creators, BJ Betts and Intenze Products.

Formula 23 black tattoo ink is an extremely fast running product.  It can keep up with you while you are detailing fast lines.  It is an extremely dense black that breaks down nicely into a perfect gray for any type of shading.  Lastly, it is an ink that wipes clean, so stencils aren't lost and time isn't wasted removing excess ink.  Betts has found that this is by far the best ink he has ever used, along with Tim Hendricks and Shawn Barber, just to name a few.

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