Holdfast Tattoo Ink Fast Black ULTIMA BUCATA

Holdfast Tattoo Ink Fast Black
Sales price: 20,00 lei

Holdfast Tattoo Ink  Fast Black Liner and Shader

Tus negru tatuaj, 30 ml

Pentru linii si umbre

Holdfast takes pride in providing honest, quality, American made tattoo pigments for tattooers by tattooers.

With years of experience and ingenuity in the industry as a professional tattoo artist and machine builder,

Brandyn Feldman creates ink like he does art. There’s no question about Fast Black tattoo ink – it is black, goes in black, heals black, and stays black.

Use Fast Black for all of your outlining and shading needs.

Holdfast Ink contains no animal byproducts, making this a vegan-friendly pigment. It is sterilized and has a tamper-proof seal. All Holdfast Ink is manufactured in Nashville, TN.
Size:  1oz (30 ml)
Color:  Fast Black
Great for outlining and shading
Vegan-friendly – contains no animal byproducts
Sterilized and tamper-proof sealed
Manufactured in Nashville, TN


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