Bullets Ink Holy White 30 ml

Bullets Ink Holy White 30 ml
Sales price: 30,00 lei

Tus alb pentru tatuaje din Germania. Similar cu albul de la Eternal.

Marca: Bullets

Culoarea: Holy White

Ambalaj: reambalat in sticluta de 30 ml, pret economic garantat

This highly rich in pigment, opaque white ink is perfect for covering up. It goes in very easily (1 on the manufacturer's scale, with 1 being the most and 6 being the least “workable') and can be used with great success for both lining and filling, although it's especially great for highlighting due to its ability to drown out redness caused by skin irritation during tattooing. However, due to its density, it's less suitable for mixing purposes.

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